Introducing Flat Dave!

I enjoy traveling and I know a lot of my clients share this passion with me. Therefore, I’m excited to share The Flat Dave Travel Adventures Program! If you have taken a trip recently, or plan to in the future, we want to hear about it! Every so often, we will feature travel stories submitted by our clients in our newsletters. In addition, this will give you the opportunity to get to know other clients with whom you may share common interests.

And I, “Flat Dave,” want to travel with you! For fun, this is a caricature of myself and would love for you to take “me” on your next trip. As you travel and tour your destination, take a few pictures of you and “me” with friends, family, locations, etc…! Upon your return home, we would love for you to send pictures of you and “me” photographed on your trip with answers to the following questions:

  1. Your name and the city you live in.
  2. Where did you go on your trip?
  3. How did you get there (plane, boat, train, car, etc.) and how long did it take to get there?
  4. Where did you stay (hotel, apartment, etc.)?
  5. What was your favorite thing you ate while there?
  6. What was your favorite activity you did while you were there?
  7. Would you go back?
  8. Any additional information you would like to share about the trip…

We will feature one client each month in one of our weekly newsletters. This will be a great way to share your travel stories with others who may one day want to take that very same trip. Or perhaps you may read a travel story of an exciting place that you may someday like to visit.

Click here to download your copy of Flat Dave!

In the past, “Flat Dave” photos have typically fallen into one of the below 4 categories:

  1. Furthest Destination…From Wenatchee.
  2. Most Exotic Location…I like beaches!
  3. Funniest/Most Unlikely Place …Be nice please 🙂
  4. Important Event/Historic Location…Ceremonies, Conventions, National Parks, etc…

If you’re traveling with friends or family, make me a part of the group photo, they will laugh! And who knows, they may even become Clients!  So, go out and explore!  Have Fun!  And, don’t forget to make some room for “me” in your suitcase! We will look forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return!

Thank you for participating and happy travels!

E-mail pictures and comments to:

Warm Regards,

“Flat Dave” Solomon

President, Solomon Financial Group, Inc.

Click here to download your copy of Flat Dave!