Our Culture

At Solomon Financial Group, we believe there is more to our job than just creating financial security for our clients. We believe in solid work ethics, charitable efforts, and most importantly, God. We believe our hard work truly does provide the best there is for our clients, that giving them security and peace-of-mind knowing that not only are their investments secure, but that they are working with a positive company that believes trust is the pathway to growth. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the family at Solomon Financial Group.

Mission Statement

To guide Retirees and Pre-Retirees to and through Retirement with compassion, transparency, and trust that they may enjoy a more secure financial future.

Vision Statement

Solomon Financial Group seeks to be the Premier Independent Retirement Planning firm in Central Washington by leading people to sound financial decisions that enhance their quality of life and peace of mind as we take joy in our work with purpose and passion.

Guiding Principles

  • To uphold our Fiduciary responsibility putting our Clients’ needs and goals above our own.
  • To help maintain our Clients’ confidences and protect their right to privacy.
  • To present, accurately and honestly, all facts essential to our Clients’ financial decisions.
  • To render timely and proper service to our Clients and ultimately their Beneficiaries.
  • To continually enhance professionalism by developing our skills and increasing our knowledge through education and networking.
  • To obey the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations which govern our profession.
  • To conduct all business dealings in a manner which would reflect favorably on The LORD, our Clients, ourselves, community, and our profession.