The Flat Dave Travel Adventures Program

I enjoy traveling and I know a lot of my Clients share this passion with me. Therefore, I’m excited to share The Flat Dave Travel Adventures Program with you! If you’ve recently taken a trip or plan to soon, we want to hear about it! And, I “Flat Dave” want to travel along with you! For fun, take this caricature of myself and put me in your suitcase, backpack or business binder. As you travel and tour your destination(s), snap a few pictures of you and Me, have fun, take it with Friends, Family, exotic locations, events, etc… Upon your return home, send pictures of you and Me photographed on your trip.

It’s a great way to share your travel stories with others who may one day want to take that very same trip. Or perhaps you may read a travel story of an exciting place that you may someday like to visit.

The Times and Travels of Flat Dave 2013

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